Fuelled by our passion for gaming, Nebula was born as a humble hobby of building high-performance PCs. Today, our workshop and dedicated support team remain based in Sydney, providing fellow gamers with top-quality gear and personalised assistance.

We prioritise value at the core of our business. In a world with abundant choices, distinguishing genuine value from expensive marketing is challenging. Our goal is to offer both quality and affordability.



At Nebula, we never compromise on quality when it comes to crafting high-performance gaming PCs. From using only the finest components to implementing a stringent quality control process, we take pride in building reliable and top-performing machines that exceed expectations.

And with our industry-leading 3-year warranty and lifetime support, you can trust that we've got your back for the long haul.


Nebula offers unbeatable gaming PC prices that our competitors can't match, thanks to our low overhead and commitment to fair pricing. We promise quality without the hefty markups, focusing only on new products. While others might occasionally beat our price, a quick comparison will show you the outstanding value we provide. Simply put, we're here to give you the best deal, no compromises.

But don't just take our word for it - shop around and compare, and you'll see that our prices are the most competitive. We're committed to providing our customers with the best value possible, without sacrificing quality or performance.



Before delivering any of our gaming PCs to our customers, we put each one through a rigorous quality control check to ensure that it's operating at peak performance. We test each component individually then conduct multiple stress tests to ensure that the system as a whole meets our standards of quality and reliability. You'll notice that your PC will have 3DMark pre-installed with your test results saved to your desktop for you to view.

We understand that every customer expects the best possible performance from their gaming PC, and we're committed to delivering that with every product we build. Each PC is crafted to exact specifications using only the best components to ensure peak performance and reliability. We always take care even where you may not be able to see. Every PC, every time, without exception.

When you choose Nebula, you can trust that you're working with a team who cares about your satisfaction.