Below is a full write up of our current warranty policy. If you have any further questions or need something clarified, be sure to get in contact with us.


Under the Australian Consumer Law, we provide guarantees that cannot be excluded for our goods.

If our goods fail to meet acceptable quality standards, you have the right to a replacement or refund for major failures, as well as compensation for any foreseeable loss or damage. In addition, if the goods do not meet acceptable quality standards but the failure is not a major one, you are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced.


Product – Refers to any hardware manufactured for or by NEBULA PC bearing the "NEBULA" trademark, trade name, or logo that is purchased directly from NEBULA PC.

Original Purchaser - any consumer that purchases and has possession of a Product directly from NEBULA PC.

End User - the ultimate consumer of the Product and constitutes anyone who owns and uses an NEBULA Product.

Date of Original Retail Purchase - the date the Original Purchaser bought the Product from NEBULA PC.


NEBULA PC WARRANTS this NEBULA hardware Product against defects in merchandise and workmanship for a period of THREE (3) YEARS from the Date of Original Retail Purchase, unless additional parts or labour warranties are purchased, which may extend the terms of the warranty to include the replacement of parts for a total of up to 4 years.

NEBULA PC warrants the original purchaser that any part of the hardware system, excluding software, documentation and similar terms will be free of defects of both workmanship and materials for the warranty period included with the purchase. It does not cover accidental user damage or normal day to day wear and tear. 

a) Coverage

NEBULA PC warrants the original purchaser that any part of the Product, excluding software, documentation, and other peripherals, will be free of defects of both workmanship and materials for the warranty period included with the purchase. The date of warranty coverage starts from the date of original retail purchase.

During the product's warranty period, NEBULA PC will repair or replace defective hardware for defects specified and found in the Product. This will be done without any labour charge (free of charge) and the cost of parts will also be provided free of charge during the warranty period. Parts may not be the same but will be equivalent or slightly better.

NEBULA PC shall, under no circumstances, be liable to provide warranty service for products that have been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, or misapplication, for example, unauthorised overclocking or undervolting. Any issues caused by voltage manipulation will not be covered under the Nebula PC warranty. Issues arising from the product not being cleaned or maintained properly are not covered under the Nebula PC warranty, this includes cleaning of radiators and fans to allow adequate airflow.

Any replacement parts will be warranted to be free of defects of workmanship and material for 3 months from the time of replacement, or for the remainder of the warranty period of the NEBULA Product it is replacing (whichever is longer).

b) Procedure

If a defect is found in a purchased NEBULA Product, contact the NEBULA team by email (support@nebulapc.com.au). If the NEBULA team is contacted through phone or email, NEBULA PC will provide guidance to diagnose or solve the problem. Where possible we try to remotely fix the problem.

If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone or by email, we will require our technicians to physically work on the machine. NEBULA PC will cover the delivery cost for shipping it to our service centre and back to the User within Australia only, at no cost to the User.

If there are no warranty issues to be found, you are responsible for paying the fee having the PC shipped to us and back to you.

The machine must be returned in its original packaging, including foam inside and around the PC as per how it was received originally by the customer. If the original packaging is not used, NEBULA PC will not be liable for damage to the PC during transit back to our service centre and any repairs for transit damage will be at the customer's expense.

For such warranty claims, the following details are required - Name, Address, Contact Number, and Order Number.

NEBULA PC will, at its option and to the extent permitted by law:

(1) repair the Product (using new or refurbished replacement parts);

(2) replace the Product with a product that is new, or which has been manufactured from new or serviceable used parts and is at least functionally equivalent to the original product; or

(3) issue a partial refund of the original purchase price of the Product, if for some reason, the Product cannot be repaired or replaced—provided you return it during the parts warranty period owned.

Diagnosis will typically be within 1-2 business days - we will let you know the expected time frame for any repairs or replacement parts.

Graphics cards are intended only for use with desktop PCs. Other types of use, such as blockchain computing or cryptocurrency mining, will render the product warranty void.


This warranty agreement and any sales shall be governed by the laws of Australia. The courts of Australia shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any action at law or equity arising out of or relating to these warranty terms or the website.